5-Star Reviews for Massage Therapist Angelina Miranda

Alexandria R
Thursday, January 27, 2011

The best massage therapist around!

Angelina is an amazing massage therapist. She has helped eliminate lower back pain that I’ve had for years, and I highly recommend her.


Tisha S
Sunday, January 30, 2011

Always a Unique and Positive Experience

Each massage “experience” is unique and personalized to my ever-changing physical needs. Angelina instinctively knows what part of my body needs focusing on to work out any strains and stress related physical issues. No massage is ever the same and always a positive experience.


Anita D
Thursday, February 3, 2011

You will be transformed!

There are massage therapists who relax the body and then there are massage therapist that relax and heal the body. Angelina is one of the “healers”. She seems to intuitively know exactly where the body is in need and what to do to bring healing and relaxation. If you see Angelina on a regular basis, which is what I do, it becomes an intregal part of your good health routine. When friends come to visit I always treat them to a massage with Angelina, and it becomes something they ask to do when they come back to town. Do yourself a big favor and give her a call!


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She is gentle to work enough t…
She is gentle, wonderful to work with kids. My 6 year old daughter had back pain, and starting with her pediatrician, then to a chiropractor,–no one found anything wrong with her.. I tried Angelina. She showed me how her lower leg muscle was pulling her whole back down over her buttock to the right! After she did the massage, my daughter was pain-free. And her back has had no scoliosis, 25 years later in life.

She is experienced, exceptional in working with people in severe pain as I sent my friend in with a wrenched back, and within two visits, she was on the mend.

She is sensitive and careful and able to work with elderly when I took my 86 year old mother with muscle pain.

Finally, when the stress of care-giving started breaking my own body down, she mentioned in my massage, don’t carry this burden on your back, and her advice made me realize how stress tightens muscles.. Thinking about stopping stress in my shoulders by not carrying the burden on back healed my back pain. For my daughter, friends and family and myself, thank you Angelina for your experienced massage.

Best Massage I Ever Had
I have gotten many massages throughout my life and then I had a massage from Angelina, and never before or since has any other massage therapist come close! The benefits of massage are numerous and my almost weekly massages with Angelina have become an intregal part of my health routine. I have referred many of my friends and clients to her and when friends come to town to visit, I usually treat them to one of her massages. I highly recommend you give yourself a treat and have 60 or 90 minutes of relaxing bliss!

Angelina is absolutely wonderful, going to her has tremendously help me move forward in my life!

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Testimonial from the Sacred Dying Foundation client

Remembering two things you did in getting me to eat my shadow demons  and shi_ them back out, I mean, um turn my demons into little pieces of fertilizer as they left my body.
1. Making me laugh with the “Shaman Sounds”  (stereotype Hollywood Injun songs!)  before the body work, dispelled some poor-pitiful me vibe I was carrying because I ate too much sugar that week.
2. When you showed me the rattle you made for your boys and we improvise danced with it; and shakers. Really opened the Clair voyant/audient/sentient
My relationships with the departed, especially those most recently departed, have improved. There is Peace with healing, and I have accepted my actions or inactions surrounding his passing without regret.
I was holding on to feelings of regret for not being Superwoman and making his passing more peaceful. EGO can f**k up a grieving person’s best intentions. 


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