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I specialize in your body and the touch therapy that is unique to you.

Therapeutic Massage, Energy Work, Reflexology, Deep Tissue Integration, Massage Therapy


Reflexology Massage

In Ayurvedic philosophy, the soles of the feet are considered to mirror the systems and functions of the body.

Reflexology stimulates the body’s natural capacity to heal itself through pressure points on specific areas of the feet that correspond to internal organs.

20-30 minutes … $45


Head and Neck Therapy Massage

Deep tissue massage works the different layers of muscle and connective tissues to alleviate chronic aches and pains. It is delivered by utilizing deeper, more focused, and more vigorous techniques which are used to eliminate muscle spasms, loosen up connective tissues, reduce adhesions, and remove toxins. It is very important when receiving a deep tissue massage that you communicate with your therapist. This is the key to a good deep tissue massage.

20-30 minutes … $40


Whole Body Massage

55-65 minutes … $85
85-95 minutes … $100


Energy Healing Therapy

85-95 minutes … $100


Intuitive Massage Therapy

Intuitive Massage Therapy Sessions includes bodywork and releasing negative emotions and habits. Some times, we will receive messages for Angels & Spirit Guides. This type of therapy also help with death and dying issues.

Sessions can be 1 ½ To 2 hours… $110.00
Sessions without body work are $60.00 per hour.


Intuitive Verbal Consulting Sessions

60 minutes … $60

Services and Rates

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