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Testimonial from author Vicki Noble

Dear Motherpeace Friend:

I have been down with the latest cold-flu virus going around. I managed to get through the winter without being sick, but wow, the hot-then-cold-then-hot-then-cold temperatures did me in. Every time I think I’m recovered, it knocks me flat again and I start coughing. This week I have finally yielded to the obvious need to REST (not in my normal vocabulary) and STOP all activity. So tonight I think I might be nearing recovery…(knock on wood). I have boosted my system with echinacea, propolis, herba santa, and vitamins C and D. I have made miso soup and slow-cooked chicken broth. I have been eating my own local honey, made by the bees in my backyard hives. And I have asked for help.

Healing from an illness always makes me grateful for all my healers and helpers. I am very blessed with many excellent people who practice healing arts and like to trade with me. I want to acknowledge some of them at the end of this letter and encourage you to call on them as resources in your own healing processes. But especially I want to highlight one healer who came into my life when I first moved to Santa Cruz in 1999 and whom I have relied on again and again for deep healing. My friend Angie Miranda has matured into the finest kind of healer over the years; she is my shaman. As a massage therapist, she always had good hands—compassionate hands—that knew where to go and how to move the body out of cramped and aching compressions into more freedom. But in the twelve years I have known Angie, she has descended into the power and self-possession of her Yaqui ancestry, becoming the kind of healer who works from supernatural guidance rather than form or doctrine. Her direct contact with spirit realms and healing forces has become refined and reliable; and the confidence she has established in stabilizing this potent magic makes her a shaman in the most fundamental way. I call on her when I need a healing intervention—somebody to intercede on my behalf with the forces of the universe. She sees and knows things, and she trusts herself. She prays, and I trust her. When she works on me, I experience more than a massage, more than bodywork—I get an exorcism and my body releases what is holding me back or taking me down.

Angie is ready to teach these innate and intuitive healing skills to other healers and massage therapists who want to go deeper. It is my pleasure to introduce her to you and make her available to you as a healer or teacher if you live in the Bay Area. She mainly works out of Los Gatos, but lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains and is mobile.

I hope when you find yourself in real need of true alternative healing, the kind that cures at a profound level without formulas, you will call on her skills. And I hope she can begin to pass on her knowledge and skill to other healers in our area.

Blessings and love,
Vicki Noble


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